I need to ask a few questions on MonoGame.

Hello everyone, until now I’ve used SFML (C++) but now since I want to create something for Android I have to change, and I’ve always heard only good things about MonoGame so here I am!

I have 3 questions:
Can you link me a good introduction to Android/Mobile development with Mono?
Is it hard to compile for Android?
Can I integrate FB and Twitter sharing without using external libs? and if I have to use external libraries can I still compile for Android?

Hopefully going back to C# after 2 years of C++ will not be to hard :blush:

And thank you to everyone who will answer!

I would recommend you start with desktop game development, for android game development you need Xamarin.Android which costs. I recommend these tutorials: XNA Tutorials - RB Whitaker's Wiki

It’s easy.

You have to use external libs. MonoGame is not a game engine, it’s a game framework.

I know for Android that there is already an official SDK for Facebook, so that should not be a problem.