How is everyone else handling these?

Do the platform holders take care of this or will I need to rent out servers to handle it?

My current thinking is add like, a Gameplay_Custom.dll (How do you add .dll’s?) to the folder and let them code.

However, the longterm goal is to let users upload images for $1++ and then the images be accessible through the game. The only concern there is like, the file size.

I haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet, but I’m going to use a CLS-compliant API to allow anyone to use any .NET language to build their own DLL which will then be dynamically loaded into the engine through an AppDomain. I was also going to allow C# and Lua through using the C# compiler services and the MoonSharp project.

Usually with content like images, servers host the images and at the start of every game session, the client downloads the images from the servers.