iBuffalo Controllers working in DesktopGL.Core but not WindowsDX

My issue is as the subject states. I started working in DesktopGL.Core, but I was having issues loading and displaying images correctly. I was able to use my iBuffalo controllers without issue. I figure I’ll wait for that framework to mature more before moving to it. I went back to WindowsDX Framework, but my iBuffalo controllers don’t work in it. Any idea why they work in the one and not the other? What can I do to get them recognized in WindowsDX Framework?

Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated

MonoGame DX only uses XInput for controller support, which only supports Xbox controllers (dualshock will work with DS* tool). If you want to support other gamepads with the DX project, you’ll need to write a DirectInput backend.

What issues are you having with DesktopGL? It’s mostly equal to DX, except for some caveats with custom shaders.

Thank you for responding, I’m surprised that no one has already written a DirectInput backend that’s been incorporated into the project. I’ll look into doing that.

As far as DesktopGL.CORE, I’m having issues loading png images through Texture2D.FromStream. I can load some images, but the more complex background images I need cause the call to crash. I don’t have the monogame sourcecode yet, so not exactly sure where it’s dying. I’ve tried both 24 and 32 bit versions of the images I need, and I can’t get them to load without crashing. Is there documentation of exactly what png sizes and formats are supported in DestopGL.CORE?

Awesome! :smiley: Come chat on Gitter if you run into issues :slight_smile:

What version of MG are you using? The lib used for Texture2D.FromStream was changed after the 3.6 release. It’s now a port of stb_image, see the PR for details. If you’re using a develop version, can you open an issue on GitHub and attach a failing image?