I'm running into this cryptic error building my android game can you help me fix it?

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error MSB3073 The command dotnet mgcb /quiet /@:C:\Users\blizz\OneDrive\Desktop\MonoGame\Android\alpha\MyGame\MyGame\Content\Content.mgcb /platform:Android /outputDir:C:/Users/blizz/OneDrive/Desktop/MonoGame/Android/alpha/MyGame/MyGame/Content/bin/Android/Content /intermediateDir:C:/Users/blizz/OneDrive/Desktop/MonoGame/Android/alpha/MyGame/MyGame/Content/obj/Android/net6.0-android/Content /workingDir:C:/Users/blizz/OneDrive/Desktop/MonoGame/Android/alpha/MyGame/MyGame/Content/ exited with code -532462766. MyGame C:\Users\blizz.nuget\packages\monogame.content.builder.task\\build\MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task.targets 142

also after this my Content.mgbc file no longer opens due to a “unknown error”

update: yes i tried moving it out of onedrive and got the same issue

Hey @Blizzardfur-Maxxx

This error is occurring during the MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task phase where it does a build of the content assets then copies them to the final project output. When the task itself does this, it executes the command using the /quite flag, which suppress it outputting the actual errors to the console/terminal window.

You can run the command manually without the /quite flag to see what may be happening. In Visual Studio, right-click on your game project in the Solution Explorer panel and select the Open in Terminal option near the bottom. This will open the Terminal panel at the bottom of Visual Studio.

Then in the terminal, type the command dotnet mgcb ./Content/Content.mgcb and press enter. It should execute the content build but output any errors that are occurring during this phase

also one of the issues i have is when i save Content.mgcb and reopen it it seems to corrupt and just gives a error saying “unknown error” when i try and open it again

Can you open the Content.mgcb file in a text editor, then copy all of the content from it and past it someone like pastebin or hatebin then link that here?