Image assets and deployment to the App store

For my gaming images, what are the rules for packaging the images before deploying them to Android , IOS, or Windows stores? Should one strive to just pack all images into one or two giant image strip of X by Y dimensions?

I have no experience with iOS but at least for the others I don’t think there are any rules. The general reason I know for packing your images into one file is that it cuts down on the number of textures you pass to the graphics card. When you render sprites, the graphics card already has that texture cached and it just draws a portion of it. So it’s a performance thing.

That said, I don’t think it’s good either to have everything in a single texture, for a non-trivial game, anyway. I think there might be performance costs for using large textures on the graphics card, maybe? Actually, tbh, I’m not sure the downside other than it being just a pain in the butt.

Anyway, when you build, your content gets packaged into whatever format the platform you’re building needs. In my case, with Android, it just packs everything into the APK file, regardless of how many images I have.

Hopefully those ramblings were in some way helpful… lol.

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Learned the hard way that large textures (something like > 3000*3000) may not render on older android device. I personally use a single spritesheet for each animation/sprite, and haven’t had any problem on that plateform so far.

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Thanks Guys. Personally I prefer just to have single images, instead of one huge image file. I just thought I better asks. Just thought I would ask about that since I don’t want any surprises once I go to deploy my app. Thanks again !!