Image options / sizes

Hi All,

I’m just starting out with Monogame and playing around with making my own little “sprite engine” for animating sprites from tile sheets. Using the below sheet as an example from Diablo 2.

When downloaded the sheet is only 4 MB in size, but when I have put it in the v3.4 content pipeline I noticed the XNB file is 64 MB in size, this is massive. No matter what options I change in the pipeline tool it stays about the same size, except the Resize To Power Of Two option, which makes it 131 MB.

Can anyone explain the reason for this, and also what all the actual options “texture format” mean, and which should I be using) I’m only planning on targeting windows machines for now.

Also I’ve read that some people distribute the PNG files, but in a test game I did and produced a clickonce install I didn’t include the png files in the output, and the test played the game just fine - no PNG files on his PC at all.

Thanks for any help / links to point me to the info.