implement INotifyPropertyChanged on vector3

is there anyway toimplement INotifyPropertyChanged on vector3 without modify the source?

You would need rewrite the struct anyway, because implementing the interface alone does basically nothing - you’d still need to call the function (which the iface forces you to define) when a property changes.

Also Vector3 is a struct with just 3 public floats (X,Y,Z) so you’d need to add actual properties first. If you need such functionality, you could just make your own struct and use that. Instead of X,Y,Z save if in a Vector3 of the struct and you’re good to go with very little overhead (assumingly)

Why would you need to do that ? Tell us what problem you are trying to solve with this.
There might be simpler alternatives.

For a winfom editor, where you can modify value from text box or display the updated value