Importer "TextureImporter' had unexpected failure!

I’m working on a project in visual studio 2019 and MonoGame 3.7.1 and I keep getting the errors shown whenever I add a png to the content pipeline. Am I doing something wrong or is am I just stupid?

If more information is needed, then I will provide more, but I’m hoping there is some simple step that I need to do to fix this.

A while back some ppl had a similar error relating to loading images. I think the solution was to get the 2012 Visual C++ Redistributable (I think it’s needed by one of the DLL for importing the images to make xnb’s) – I’m not sure this is the same problem but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Yep, that solved the problem. I didn’t see it in the vs modification packs so I assumed it was outdated. Thank you for your help!

I tried installing 2012 Visual C++ too (x86 version) but that did not fix the problem for me.
My apologies, I am new at this. Here is a screenshot of the diagnostics on the exception.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Quite literally, it sounds like the file is not in the Content Folder. Try first double checking the name of the file in the pipeline and then check if it is actually in the contents folder.