"Importer 'TiledMapImporter' had unexpected failure!"

Just got MonoGame.extended downloaded and set up. When I try to run a small test project that includes a Tiled map it gives me the error: “Importer ‘TiledMapImporter’ had unexpected failure!” I’ve tried looking it up but without much luck. I have the tileset image also loaded into the project and the Content folder does have the MonoGame.extended .dll referenced, but still gives me the same error. Any help?

Can you check the inner exception? It will explain what went wrong exactly.

How will I accomplish this? I am using try and catch to find it but nothing is working. Is there another way?

Whoops, just figured it out. I opened up the Tiled file in the Content folder and it said it was missing the TileSheet.tsx file. I simply replaced it and now it’s loading the map. Thank you for the help!