Importing .unity scene to monogame project

Hey I’m new to Monogame and I have a question I couldn’t find answer for.

Is there any way to import scene made in Unity to Monogame project? There possibly is some solution, because my professor suggested that. Is it worth to do it? I heard it saves a lot of time, cause I don’t need to manually type coordinates for gameobjects etc.

Any ideas how to do it? And even if I succeed is it possible to import a scene which is divided into gameobjects? Or it will be huge and “rigid” obj file?


The “basic” way would be: read the scene in an content importer, or make an app that converts the scene into your own format.
Then you need to add your assets into the pipeline tool, or add to a mgcb when reading the scene.

I’m also pretty sure using assets from unity’s store is not allowed (legally I mean)

Appart from reading the scene and inserting into your own class that will handle the scene: groups of objects, etc, how the ligths parameters for example will be handled by your engine ? It is most likey you don’t have the exact same possibilites as if you had unity’s sourcecode.
Monogame does not support unity at al out of the boxl, it is “only” a framework.

And you would have to add the assets to a mgcb file too (automatically when reading the *.unity ?).
Handling prefabs will be a problem if you want to. And many other things (animations, sound are handled differently)

You may loose more time creating the “reader app” from the scene than creating a scene from scratch in monogame, if you have not a huge amount of data.