In .fx, Shader supports Struct, but not array of Structs.

This code is good when building the .fx file in MGPT

struct directional_light {
	float3		vDiffuseColor;
	float		fIntensity;
	float3		vDirection;
	bool		bLid;

static const int MAX_DIR_LIGHTS = 12;

But adding this line results in “Unsupported parameter class!”:

directional_light dlDirLights[MAX_DIR_LIGHTS];

I’ve added comments to this issue.

Repeating those comments here, to make sure the issue is more widely discussed:

In, structs build, but an array of structs still gives “Unsupported parameter class!”.
Is this expected? Planned for final 3.7?

I see “Unsupported parameter class!” in ConstantBufferData.sharpdx.cs (I’m using MG on WIndows+DX) / GetParameterFromType().
Is the fix as simple as adding a case?

        case SharpDX.D3DCompiler.ShaderVariableClass.Struct:
            param.class_ = EffectObject.D3DXPARAMETER_CLASS.STRUCT;

(I’m not set up to build MG, so I can’t easily test this.)