Incompatible framework (.Net 4.7.1) when referencing nez


I am new to Monogame and I wanted to try and learn game development using this framework. However, when setting up nez, I run into an issue that seems to have a problem with the targeted version of .NET (4.7.1). Can’t find a fix either…any help would be really appreciated!

More information is needed here. What version of Visual Studio for Mac are you using? Did you install the Monogame extension for Visual Studio? What is the exact error message you are receiving? Is Nez compatible with the version of .Net you are running?

Hi David,

I found that using the Nez.MG38.csproj instead of Nez.csproj project file fixed the issue. I was using Visual Studio version 8.10.5 (build 16). I think the version of Nez was not compatible with the .Net I was running.

Great! I’m glad you solved it.