Incomplete workaround for: System.DLLNotFountException: Unable to load shared library 'freetype6' on MacOS Catalina when trying to use fonts.

Please bear with me, I only installed MonoGame today on my Mac, got very frustrate and came across the above error when trying to use the command:

dotnet tool run mgcb Content.mgcb

This made it impossible to render fonts as far as I know. Playing around and setting the environment value DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES
I discovered the libfreetype6.dylib file was broken(located under /Users//.nuget/packages/dotnet-mgcb/ on my MacBook.

The workaround I found is very jank. I litterly did a

  • brew upgrade freetype (probably not relevant)
  • Located the following file libfreetype.6.dylib in finder
  • purged the broken libfreetype6.* files in the /tools/netcoreapp3.1/any folder and replaced the with the files asociated with libfreetype.6.dylip I found in finder
  • note the working version has a dot, I renamed the libfreetype.6.dylip file to match the old one.

These steps solved the error for me and I am able to render fonts now.