Indie brawler Clan N coming to PS4,Xbox One,Nintendo Switch,Steam and Windows10!

Hello Everyone,

I’m pleased to let you know our upcoming game , Clan N, being developed with Monogame and is slated to be released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Windows 10!

Clan N is a beatemup game which combines the classic arcades gameplay with today’s modern brawlers. With an ancient far east theme, you’ll get challenged across 7 different levels with many different enemies, mid/end level bosses and casual mini games integrated into main gameplay.


  • A fast paced beatemup which combines the classic arcades gameplay with today’s modern brawlers.
  • A main story with 7 levels divided into more than 50 sections.
  • Levels contain casual minigames which are tightly integrated into the main story and can be played separately as well.
  • Can be played as local or online coop with up to 4 players.
  • A slick and clean pixel based graphics with accompanying far east inspired music and sfx.


More information

WebSite :
Reveal Trailer :
Steam :

Happy coding and gaming!


Özden Irmak


Very inspirational game’s BuiltWithMonoGame and released on most known platforms ^_^y

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Any specific hurdles to Switch or PS4 development with Monogame that you’re able to talk aobut?

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That looks awesome! I haven’t seen anything about this game before. Do you guys have a Twitter account or something?

Thanks a lot for all your nice words!

@Benjamin_W The game is still being developed so porting to consoles still didn’t start but will be soon. Though, I’m sure I won’t be able to answer your question due to signed NDAs with the platform owners.

@Jjagg Thanks a lot for you nice words, means a lot! It has been announced pretty recently, although it has a history way back to 2014. Our twitter account is



Well done, congrats and rock on! err I mean on! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of Silver, from a long time ago [showing my age], nice!


If at all possible, could you write a post regarding your experiences and ‘watch out for’ notes for each platform? would do the community a great help! and should get pinned globally pretty fast.

@MrValentine Again thanks a lot for your nice words and I agree that Monogame rocks :smiley:! I’ll start a kind of a devlog shortly which I look forward to share my thoughts on general video game development as well as the experience of developing Clan N. Regarding “each platfom experience”, might tell something about that when the time comes but since each Monogame platform sdk is only open to registered platform developers, I might need to consult with Monogame moderators regarding this.

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Hello everybody,

Just started a devlog for our game Clan N! This first writing gets you all the way back where everything started. Titled “Prologue of becoming a game developer — 8 bit days” :



Hey Everybody,

Long time been silent in here but just wanted to let you know that we have released a public demo in Alpha state. If you would like to try it out, just head to one of the sources below :

Steam :
GameJolt : :

Any feedback is welcomed as well!


Özden Irmak


Hi Ozden79, nice game!

I played your demo and reached the end of the demo on my second game. I like it :slight_smile:
Ran without problems on Windows10 64bits, PS4 DS gamepad, GeForce GTX 1050Ti

During the first game, the character just disappeared.I was around the bottom right stone formation. I think I was rolling, but I’m not sure of it. I haven’t been able to reproduce it. (I attach the image where the character has disappeared)

The enemies froze (as if they didn’t know where to walk to) and the GO> sign started blinking, despite I think it shouldn’t have as there were enemies around and didn’t blink before disappearing.

Some feedback, most of it is probably in your TODO list and very personal appreciations / requests (feel free to ignore):

  • Blocking key (and I suppose most keys) should be configurable. I’ve been playing some Dark souls lately and blocking with R1 feels so wrong :wink:
  • I think that when blocking, pressing roll should override the block (for block and dodge tactics), or maybe moving slowly while blocking.
  • I couldn’t pass the start screen without a gamepad on (I don’t know if the game is playable with keys though). This is not specified, at least in
  • Please add in setup the ability to change the layout of the gamepad. I mean, I play with a Playstation DS4 gamepad and the tutorial was totally worthless for me, as I have no idea where XYAB are located. However triangle,square,circle,X are second nature to me (blame Parappa). Maybe the gamepad model can be detected runtime and automatically switch the layout, I have to find it out for my game.
  • Escape just quits the game instantly, I’d recommend to add a confirmation menu as an accidental keypress can just ruin a game. I actually pressed Escape moving the keyboard away in a middle of a game and quitted, luckily I was just at the start.

Good work, can’t wait for further versions or release! :slight_smile:

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Hi @KakCat,

Thank you very much for taking time to play and write this lengthy feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

The “disappear” bug you’ve seen has been only reported once a few months ago by a partner and for them the only solution was to create an OpenGL build rather than DirectX. We couldn’t reproduce it in our end in any case so it’s something mistery for us as well. We’ll keep an eye on that but the good point is that it didn’t affect your play in your subsequent try(es).

This is an Alpha build with a few missing items and known bugs. Some missing features are Keyboard support and ability to redefine GamePad buttons which will be included in the final game. Defining the GamePad type is also in the todo list and than we’ll update the gamepad icons in the game according to that. Escape key behavior is something I had done for myself to quickly quit the game and forgot there, so that’ll change in the final game as well.

One interesting request of yours is to be able to tumble even while you are blocking. At the moment, as you’ve probably noticed, you only affect your blocking direction which is a purely visual effect and nothing to do with the ability of blocking (even somebody attacking from your back will be auto blocked if you are pressing the block button at that time).Overhauling/reviewing the combo system for a more easy approach is in the todo list and at that point I’ll also review this to see how it affects the balance of the gameplay. If it feels right, I’ll add it and it will be your contribution to the game :hugs:.

Finally, I’m glad to hear that you liked it and once more thank you very much for taking time and writing back your feedback!


Özden Irmak

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Hey People,

It has been quite some time but I’m glad to let you know that our little game gets released on August 6th to PS4, Xbox One,Nintendo Switch, Steam and Windows 10! Special thanks to the authors of MonoGame as it was a joy to develop using it on all platforms.

Here’s the release trailer we released recently :

Enjoy, stay safe and keep gaming!


Özden Irmak