Infinitespace Studios Remote Effect Processor Closing its Doors

I am sorry to announce that I am no longer able to run or host the Infinitespace Studios Remote Effect Processor Service. The Service will probably be up for the next month, but the SSL certificate has expired so the services is probably unusable.

I recommend that people switch over to use wine to compile effects on Mac and Linux if they have not done so already.

See Setting up your development environment for macOS | MonoGame Documentation
Setting up your development environment for Ubuntu 20.04 | MonoGame Documentation


Thanks for providing the service in the past. I used it while testing around a few times and it worked.
I switched to compilation through wine which does work well.

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if you’re on linux and don’t want to go through the pain of setting up wine, you can use this docker image

mikescandy/MonoGameBaseImage: A linux docker image I use to build Monogame applications, supporting .NET 5 and 3.1. Includes wine and builds shaders out of the box (

Are there no other options to get this hosted elsewhere or picked up?
and can the service be made open source (if it isn’t already) to allow others to pick up the mantle?

Looks like it is open source => GitHub - infinitespace-studios/InfinitespaceStudios.Pipeline: Public Extensions for the MonoGame Content Pipeline


Its all open source and MIT Licensed so feel free to re-host it somewhere.

Its not really needed though now the wine effect compilation stuff works on Mac/Linux.

Effect compilation isn’t working for me on macOS.