Initial effort for a game engine

Due to the recent news around Unity, and rising popularity for open-source alternatives in gamedev, me and my friend (Érick Santos) decided to make a git repo public for our initial effort to create a MonoGame engine as a Visual Studio extension.


Extension and windows

Solution explorer

We stopped working on it due the little to no free time a few years ago. Altough it’s in really initial stage, we learned a lot from game development, archtecture and programming with .Net

We hope it can serve as a code reference or that maybe one day we can continue the development, or maybe even helps the community in any ideas for MonoGame engines.


Thanks for sharing this @thiagoromam this is really cool. I can 100% understand having little to no free time lol. I’m sure this will be interesting to many coming over from different engines with full editors that are looking for this type of solution if they want to make their own.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but there is also Flat Red Ball that offers a full engine solution built on MonoGame. It’s not integrated into though Visual Studio like yours, it has it’s own editor interface.


Thanks for the tip.
I will look into it :grinning:


This is awesome, and we should always have lots of open-source options for developers