Install troubles (probably stupid)

So I’ve just decided to install MonoGame 3.2 but for some odd reason I can’t see the templates within VS2013. They have installed on VS2010 and even appear in the folder in My Documents for the templates, but they just won’t appear in VS2013. I tried running the installer in Admin but made no difference. Anyone got any ideas? Do I need XNA installed?


You do not need xna for monogame
Which version of VS2013 are you using, if you are using express it needs to be VS2013 for windows desktop

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I’m using VS 2013 Ultimate Edition as I’m a student and get it free

I guess you should copy the contents of Documents/Visual Studio 2010/Templates to Documents/Visual Studio 2013/Templates.

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I’ve just managed to fix it, I had changed the default project template location in VS due to a lack of room on the main disk, its all been sorted now thank you :smile: