installing monogame 3.8 in visual studio 2022 community

I want to install monogame in visual studio 2022 but I can’t find the visual studio monogame extension. when searching for “monogame” in extension manager nothing is found.
How to install it??


Hi @lonely-unicorn, Welcome to the Community!

For the time being I advise installing VS2019, creating a project there, build it, and close, then open in VS2022… [Let me know if you need help finding the installer link]

This is a situation between current and previous editions of VS, it happens every time until an updated release of MG comes out…

There are command line methods, but I have not seen them being so successful, but someone will be by to inform you of that method shortly, almost certain to happen.

For now, use my method as it is a failsafe route for the time being. Assuming your C drive has enough space.

Happy Coding!