I’ve been using MonoGame for a long time, especially for iOS. Now I’ve been asked to hold a talk about very basic game dev and thought that I’d use MonoGame as an example of getting a quickstart in development.

However I’ve find myself pretty stuck in installing it?!

  1. Nuget and iOS… There are no 64-bit nuget packets and the 32-bit has a display rotation issue that is well known but still there are no updated packets.
  2. What’s the entrypoint into the source? There is no solution-file, do I need to build it using some thirdparty tool?
  3. The templates for Windows Phone 8 doesn’t work. It simply displays a black screen with lots of error messages in the console stating ‘A first chance exception of type ‘System.TypeLoadException’ occurred in SharpDX.Direct3D11.DLL’, for both emulator and actual device.

How can I convince people to try MonoGame when I’m having such issues myself just to get it running. What am I missing?

I would be very greatful for some input on these issues!



NuGet packages are outdated.

Run the protobuild.exe in the project root and it will generate the project and solution files.

What is the inner exception?

Go to downloads and pick the dev version and install it.If you are using Linux or Mac there are tutorials on how to download and install monogame and make it run.With sudo apt-get install …You really dont need to take the source code and compile it.When you just want to explain to someon how to code in Monogame you just need to make it work.By doing this you’ll have monogame 100% work on Desktop.I cant talk about the rest because I have not tried them.

Edit 1: Maybe you would like to have a starter point and not make everything from scratch like collision detection,animations,tilemaps? Then download this : . Let me know if you need examples on how to use it.

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