Intellisense not working with shared project in Monodevelop

So I’m really new to Monogame and Monodevelop and I read about this thing called a shared project and I’ve tried it out but there doesn’t seem to be any intellisense working? This is Monodevelop 7.5 by the way, and Monogame 3.6. Any idea why? Or is this intentional? There was no references or way to add them, but I googled that was working as intended. So does that mean intellisense just won’t work? Figuring that could be the case, I tried a shared library instead, but then my nuget packages wouldn’t work with the portable version of .net that came with the template.

I figured it out. I just had to actually add the project to a real project first that actually had the references for Monogame in it. This can be closed.