Interstitial ads on WP8/iOS/Android

Has anyone successfully implemented interstitial ads on any/all of these platforms? If so, would they be kind enough to provide some pointers?

I’ve been mucking about with Vserv and Admob for WP8 and keep running into problems - ads don’t display, unable to trigger ads when I need to, update/draw loop freezes and so forth.

Any help/tutorials/blogs would be very handy!


I’ve only worked with Android so far but I managed to get banner ads and interstitial ads working (AdMob). Wish I could write a tutorial, hopefully soon.

Check out this gist, it’s the exact code I’m using:

I’ll comment it later, but basically I found that whenever you show an Interstitial Ad it unloads. So after showing an ad I call ReloadInterstitial(). Then in my game I have a counter for how many deaths the player has. If (deaths % 10 == 0) I show the ad. This way you can load the ad right after you show it and it’ll be ready for whenever you want to show it again.

I got all my info from:

I’m missing one link, but I’m on another PC and can’t find it.

Thanks, this sounds like a good starting point!