Invoking a MAUI mobile app using Monogame?

Is it possible to invoke (Startup and run) a Maui application from within a Monogame mobile application?

I was thinking that if the answer is “Yes”, then I could potentially have a separate MAUI application that is simply a dialog box which is dedicated to user settings for my Monogame Game. So for example, if someone pressed the settings button in my Monogame game (Usually a gear Icon) the MAUI dialog box would appear with the various controls one could then use to select user preferences when playing the game. For example when playing my game someone might prefer to have the game controls on the left side of the screen if they are left handed, or instead the right side of the screen if they are right handed. Then I would have the MAUI application save the preferences to a file, and then the Monogame game could read that file for game play.

Within your AndroidGameActivity class, add this:

/// <summary>
/// Open an installed app
/// </summary>
/// <param name="appPackageName">ex: ""</param>
public void OpenAnotherApp(string appPackageName)
	var intent = PackageManager.GetLaunchIntentForPackage(appPackageName);

Fantastic, thank you !!!

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