IOS how to avoid notch on IPhone

Using MG 3.8 my game ui is heavily cut by the notch on iphonex, but i’d rather not move it to the left as a general rule, as it would damage usability on ipad and pre-iphoneX devices.
A “future-proof” solution would be great, but i can accomodate hacks if nothing else works.

Sorry for not being an iOS-Expert, but perhaps a look at this might help:

Perhaps you can detect the SafeArea from within C# when on iOS.

Thank you for the answer, i actually did follow this guide:
and came up with this code that needs to be called in an update… i didn’t even consider that maybe Monogame is doing this “behind the curtains” following the xbox360 usage of safe zone.

    internal static void PostInitialize()
        var window = uiapp.KeyWindow;

        float scale = (float)Xamarin.Essentials.DeviceDisplay.MainDisplayInfo.Density;
        GraphicSettings.safezone_offset_top_px_window = (int)(window.SafeAreaInsets.Top * scale);
        GraphicSettings.safezone_offset_bottom_px_window = (int)(window.SafeAreaInsets.Bottom * scale);
        GraphicSettings.safezone_offset_left_px_window = (int)(window.SafeAreaInsets.Left * scale);
        GraphicSettings.safezone_offset_right_px_window = (int)(window.SafeAreaInsets.Right * scale);

Thank you for sharing,
i am sure i can use this in the future, too.

I’m not an IOS expert either. However, it may be worth checking if you can only render on the bottom 90% of the screen on your IOS version?

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