Is GamerServices supported on PSM?

Is Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices supported on PSM? On iOS I was using MonoGame.Framework.Net.iOS, but it seems MonoGame.Framework.Net.PSM is not there…

Apparently there is this folder:

But after I manually added the files in that folder into the MG PSM project, an error popped up showing that the namespace “Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net” does not exist in the context… I wonder if there is an existing project I can reference directly to solve this issue?

Anyone knows the answer? :smile: @Nezz

I have never worked with PSM :slight_smile:

Do you know who worked on the MG PSM source? : :smiley:

Hey Tom could you please shed some light on this issue? Unlike MG iOS or Android, there is no .Net project file that I can include in a PSM MG solution @Tom

The Protobuild system wasn’t told to build the project file for PSM. I’m not sure why (there may be a good reason for it), but you can give a try by adding PSMobile to the list of platforms in line 2 of Build\Projects\MonoGame.Framework.Net.definition, then running Protobuild again.

Thanks so much @KonajuGames! I’ll give it a try later today! :smile:

Okay so I just tried adding PSMobile back to Protobuild definition and built it. Turned out more errors popped up in my PSM project, such as missing the Lidgren reference and .Net reference… Apparently the PSM Protobuild definition was removed to bypass this issue, but this is not working for me… :frowning: