"Is it a bug or my bug" thread?

I thought perhaps we could have a thread to determine (for noobs like me) who are uncertain if something simple is a possible issue or our own bug (like not understanding how to code something correctly) - where someone can quickly correct the way we are coding without creating extra work for developers.
For example I was doing this:
//using this:
define DECLARE_TEXTURE(Name, index) Texture2D Name : register(t##index); sampler Name##Sampler : register(s##index)
define SAMPLE_TEXTURE(Name, texCoord) Name.Sample(Name##Sampler, texCoord)

Texture = (Flare); // <-- must have this here (or clamp wouldn’t work [wrapping instead])
AddressU = Clamp;
AddressV = Clamp;

I noticed that without specifying Texture=(Flare) the clamping wasn’t taking effect. Perhaps that’s just how it needs to be coded or possibly a (minor) issue but I don’t know.