Is it possible to compress the size of your builds/game?

Hi, someone said that they think 106 MB is too big for the size of my game, since there’s not much gameplay and it’s in alpha stage, and he wants me to compress it. Is this even possible?

The content pipeline supports compressed assets. In the Pipeline Tool, select the project node (at the top of the tree) and change the Compressed property to True.

I did what you said and it didn’t decrease the size at all

The setup file is even bigger for some reason

(I’m using the Ruge Deploy Tool:

If Ruge uses compression (which most installers do), then compressing the content will only decrease the installed size on disk, not the size of the installer. And compressing an already compressed file can lead to larger files as the second compressor cannot find patterns in the data.

The next step is to look at individual files in the content. Textures are 32-bit BGRA by default, but many textures can be compressed without visible loss of quality. This individual compression can be selected in the properties for each texture.