Is it possible to get a strongnamed version of MonoGame/SharpDX in one package?

I am making a Win8 game and if I understand correctly - it has to be strongly named?
I get the message
"Assembly generation failed “Referenced assembly ‘MonoGame.Framework’ does not have a strong name”.
I had referenced Monogame through the NuGet packages, which true enough aren’t strong named.
I tried downloading the Monogame source, so I could build a strong named MonoGame assembly, but then I got the message that I needed a strong named SharpDX assembly.
So I can keep adding more references, and complexity to my build, but I’d much rather if I could just find the necessary DLL’s in a strongnamed version.

How did the rest of you who have made MonoGame Win8 apps do it?

Kind regards - Jakob :slight_smile:

Nevermind! Found out that I didn’t need to strong sign the windows 8 app - problem solved! :slight_smile: