Is MonoGame a good place to become a better programmer?

Despite using monogame, I wonder if the use of monogame can in any way increase the skills of a developer, which with graphics engines such as unity, unreal, etc. is not entirely possible since they have many features.
I would be particularly curious to see the point of view of those who may have already had experience in creating their own engine or have used OpenGL, DirectX or libraries that do not implement so many features.
What do you think?

Frankly I feel your question is rather vague and broad, perhaps be more specific.

MG relies entirely on programming to get anything done - there are no drag and drop helpers or visual editors by default.

So using monogame can I achieve the logic and skills of someone who writes graphics engines from scratch?

I don’t think you understand what MonoGame is.

MonoGame is sitting on top of a graphics engine, So unless you were to contribute to MonoGame or fork your own version, no, you would only learn things like Shaders and coding your own rendering process or something.


Here’s a graphic which may help you identify what MonoGame is:

And another:


Basically you are asking about DirectX/OpenGL, MonoGame sits above this.


But you could learn how to build visual graphics…

c# - Drawing 3D cubes with xna - Game Development Stack Exchange

One nice thing about monogame is that you can ignore the parts you don’t like. Monogames input system has some issues so I replaced it (on windows anyway) with my own. Monogames render pipeline sorts slowly so I fixed that. Monogames audio is lacking so eventually I replaced it too. You can use it to get started and slowly take the parts away until you have your own engine.

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