Is monogame good option for small games?

Hello, i was new to monogame, i want to make good games, but i need to make some small games first, is a good option to use monogame at starting?

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I guess it depends on what you want to make and what your experience is. If you just want to make 2D games that are easy to port to multiple platforms, it’s a great option. Especially if you’re just gonna make a lot of small prototypes before deciding on something you want to focus on.


No. Monogame is good for small games, but not good for beginners.

This is not entirely true, I was able to learn the most in C# with XNA. I know this is the rarer case, but I last started getting into console apps. I’m a very visual type and interested in game development, for me it was my only motivation to see something on the screen right away. WinForms have been slow, I tried it before XNA.

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XNA/MonoGame is amazing for small games, depending on what you mean by small.

But yes, using XNA/MonoGame will require you to learn the programming language C#

The best place to start is with the Platformer Starter Kit:

If you know C# already, it’s a very good option. If you’re new to the development world in general, then maybe something less closer to the bare metal, such as Unity or Game Maker, is probably a safer bet. But if you are willing to learn C# and the .NET architecture, MonoGame is still my first recommendation.

yes monogame is cool for small games :slight_smile: It was started by microsoft and they know a thing or 2 about software and community.

Monogame is excellent if you want to create your own game engine. I chose it because I use C# at my regular job and wanted to write portable video games in the same language. I recommend doing something with a lower complexity such as a Space Invaders clone or a pong game as your first game.


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