Is monogame well suited for 2d platformers? What genres of games does monogame excel at?

Hello, I was wondering if someone would mind sharing their experiences with monogame.

I’d like to make a retro style platformer game with tight controls. I was doing this in Unity in the past, and its pretty awkward to try and do it with the physics system. It becomes difficult to achieve the tight controls we are used to int these games. You either need to step things manually and do your own collisions or rely on the raycast system and a do a lot of manual positioning of objects.

Is monogame well suited for this type of game?
Are there genres of games that monogame is particularily good or bad at?

What would making a platformer in monogame consist of? Does it have some features that would handle some of the common issues?
Would it be more like following the tile based smooth movement guide? Which requires calculating collisions by using the tile map?

Appreciate the advice, thank you so much

Axiom Verge was made in MonoGame if that helps.

I believe 2D is its main focus to begin with. Many starting tutorials are 2D platformers, RPGs, sidescrollers etc.

As far as the specific collision implementation that you want I am not there yet to comment.

Platformer Extras

As for physics, you’ll have to manually code them yourself, use some form of Microsoft’s XNA Starter Kits, find tutorials, or use libraries.