is supported 100 players interaction?

Hi, we pursue to implement an interactive game(paintball)that will be shared on a big screen where 100 players(2 teams(red-blue) of 50 people) will interact on same game playground
we have seen possibilities with monogame, but let me share our doubts:
everyone will see same screen mainframe(playground), not problem with this
but all 100 player will have position control pad(HTML buttons) of each player (100 icons)
and they will use http:localhost:80 to connect from mobile to server game ( we prefer they don’t download anything), we have doubts about real time interaction of this 100 players, do you thing monogame will support it?, we have a 1st milestone to prove throughput : To move 100 circles with just one mobile, any suggestion of any demo related to this?

MG is not limiting nor “supporting” this in anyway. This is entirely up to you, mg will do its job as a framework just fine.

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