Is Switch Monogame-ready?

Answering this question might be a total NDA violation, or it might be completely okay, so I figured I’d at least ask for myself an others:

I’m very much looking into developing for Nintendo Switch. Apparently Monogame has been ported over to it, and there are already games in the works. But here’s what I want to know:

If I get a Switch dev kit now, when it arrives, will I be able to start working with it immediately? Is there an upcoming release date for Monogame on Switch? Do I have to be approved to develop with Monogame and is this an arduous task? Is it buggy right now? Basically, are there any obstacles that would make it a stupid decision to get a Switch dev kit asap?

I don’t know about the current state of the MG switch branch, but @Tom and his company are working on it (I think they’re porting both Towerfall and Stardew Valley, but not 100% sure). I suspect getting access to MG Switch will work the same as for PS and Xbox, i.e. you get a developer license, then contact Tom for access to the MG repo (no further requirements that I’m aware of).

If you’re making a new game, I think it’d be easiest to target desktop at first. That way you have something to show when you apply for a Switch dev license and porting to switch should be relatively easy once the MG Switch back end is a bit further in development.

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