Is TeamCity down ?


I’ve been trying to download development builds today, but it seems like the server is unresponsive. Tried to go to the root url to see if it was a “path” problem, still nobody on the other end. I also searched on this community to see if there was any topic about it recently… but found nothing, so here we go !

Can you fix it ? Thank you :slight_smile:

@sywesk I believe it is. I asked about it in the Monogame chat a couple days ago, but didn’t get a response.

Yes, it seems like they are. I asked Tom about it, hope they’re up and running again soon :slight_smile:

@Jjagg Thank you for handling the issue :blush:

Oh wow, I only just noticed the original post is a week old :sweat: I hope it’s resolved soon.

Hey all. I know this post is a bit older. I’ve tried periodically over the past month or so and haven’t been able to access the development builds. Are the servers going to be brought back up? I was able to access them back in December. Thanks.