Is the NuGet package up to date?

So I wanted to check out the MonoGame.Extended package, it looks really helpful. I installed from NuGet and wanted to check out the InputListeners. I tried the code from the demos on github…

var mouseListener = new MouseListener(new MouseListenerSettings());

The result is an error…

/home/asojka09/Development/MonoGame/monoEngine/monoEngine/monoEngine/GameRoot.cs(24,24): Error CS0122: `MonoGame.Extended.InputListeners.MouseListener.MouseListener(MonoGame.Extended.InputListeners.MouseListenerSettings)' is inaccessible due to its protection level (CS0122) (MonoGame-Tiles)

Then browsing the NuGet package of Extended I see that the constructor for MouseListener is

internal MouseListener (MouseListenerSettings settings)

From what I see on github this was how MouseListener used to be but got to changed to public now. Is the problem that the package isn’t up to date, or am I doing something wrong? Also this is on Arch Linux with MonoDevelop if that matters.

Ok, so I guess I might have found the answer to my question. I didn’t the the “tag v0.5” on github. That is, I assume, the version that’s in NuGet, and based off that demo I can get things working.

Yeah, the 0.5 NuGet package is quite old now. We’re working towards the next release. There’s quite a lot of things going on in the develop branch right now.

It’s relatively simple to build from source.

Thanks for the response, I’ve got the latest source build going now. Also, I want to say thank you for this project! I am still just starting to learn what all it can do, it looks like it will really take away a lot of the busy work that goes in to setting up a game so you can focus more on the game itself :slight_smile: .