Is there a current tutorial for using eto.winforms with mono-game.

Im reading that monogame is using eto winforms for the pipeline tool.
Is that included with monogame to were i can use eto.winforms and place a monogame game window in it ? If so is there a current working tutorial or example of the proper way to do that ?

Or am i misunderstanding this altogether.

From what I know (or think so…) eto are used in the pipeline tool to allow a multiplatform UI.
It is not part of monogame’s framework.
To use MG in a winform or wpf window, you can start with the xna samples :wink: there a 2, one showing how to draw and one with a content loader if I remember well.

This is a very interesting question. To my knowledge the MonoGame window itself is a WinForms window, which MonoGame creates directly. However, to do what you want to do you would want to encapsulate the MonoGame window itself into an object that can be loaded indirectly using user-defined Windows Form Control so that you can load the child window into a separate space in the master form.

I have only done this once with a business application I was developing for a client but I was quite successful with the work.

Basically what you need to do is to be able to create something like the following to use the MonoGame window as an object…

Dim MyWindow As New Form() ’ MonoGame window

I will do some additional research for you later in the afternoon… :slight_smile:

Here are several links regarding hosting a MonoGame Window in a Windows Form/Control as I had suggested in my previous post. Two of the articles are XNA oriented but that should not be a major issue…


Has anyone done this already using Eto.Winforms itself. To place a monogame window within eto winforms.

It seems to me since both are crossplatform they would be ideal together.