Is there a good open source 2D game?

I am currently building a relativ big 2D game with monogame. I am currently redoing my game object code and was wondering how I could make it better. My problem is I do not know where I should look at. Is there a game which is open source (preferably in c# or java) I could take a look at? Or maybe a good book you can recommend? My problem is not that I do not know how it could be done but more that I do not know how it could be done in a nice way.

What about Bastion for a start ?

You can probably find something here to either convert over to monogame easily or to just look thru. The windows samples are the easiest to convert over or just get a feel for how they work.
Even if you dont want to convert anything its still helpful to browse thru others code to see how they are doing it.

You can browse thru the old xna education catalog and download samples.

There was a few full games on there.

There are also monogame examples and demo’s if you take a look around google.

// this one i think has networking as well.

There are tons of individual concept code samples as well specifically on how to do things in a goodlooking way that will polish a game.

Yeah this would be really cool to look at. But Bastion sadly is not open source. This is just their version of MonoGame they used for Bastion, not Bastion itself.

:eyeglasses: Should have been reading more careful. Sorry :blush: