Is there a MonoGame UI framework that targets only Mobile Device (iPhone and Android)?

Is there a MonoGame UI framework that targets only iPhone and Android?

We are looking for a UI framework that is completely biased towards mobile devices only, without any PC (keyboard and mouse) based features.

We are looking for something that can solve the problem that “mouse clicks” and “finger taps” are very different in operability.

Note: I am not good at English and may not be able to convey the meaning, but thank you in advance.

Hi @Satoshi, Welcome to the Community!

You can write in both your native language along with English, it helps if we know which language to translate from, you can then express in both languages that way.

Hopefully, someone can help soon, you can reply to my message with your native language to express more detail.

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Your English seems fine to me! Unfortunately, I don’t know of any UI frameworks that are designed solely or specifically around touch interfaces.

Thank you very much.
I will try to create a simple one.

If you can describe the type of interface you require, it might help others to assist further.

But touch is quite dynamic:

– Multi-touch points [Contact points]

– Tap

– Gestures [Single and multiple touch points, Pan, Pinch/Zoom]

– Mouse Input Compatibility/Behaviour

– More…

So, yeah, just saying UI, is not a lot of information.

Note that the UI/UX with touch are intertwined, unlike Mouse and Keyboard, where the mouse can be used without the keyboard to interact with a UI.

Also, what do you mean by ‘Mobile Devices’?

– Smart Phone?

– Phablet?

– Tablet?

– 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet?

– iPad?

– Samsung Pad?

And what platforms?

– iOS?

– Linux?

– Android?

– Windows?

Most of the above was for all users in general for future readers, but yeah, provide more detail or you might get ~500 UI frameworks thrown at you, with just 1-3 suitable for your requirements.

Keep Coding!


Oh, and it does matter which UI/UX framework you use as Phones and tablets can convey different experiences, some phones have pens, others do not, the same goes for tablets…

I am considering only iPhones and Android Smartphones.

I am not considering using it on both PCs and smartphones.
Perhaps that would only be a disappointment.

My personal impression of using an old-fashioned mouse-prerequisite application on a Windows laptop with a touch screen using only touch was "terrible. It was frustrating to even close a window because I couldn’t touch it properly. Similarly, I tried running a game on an Android emulator for PCs, but it was also slightly difficult to operate and enjoy the game.

I suppose that each of the differences in the UI, such as the size of the buttons, may be slight, but when they accumulate, they create a “big dissatisfaction”.

I will try to create something like the following.
The drawing target is assumed to be a virtual screen.
Its resolution is based on “360 x 640”.
The virtual screen is stretched and displayed with the aspect ratio fixed to the actual resolution of each device.

  • Unlike Windows, smartphones have no concept of “window size” and it is difficult to fix the size as it is.

  • Many smartphones have low GPU performance, but the LCD resolution is unnecessarily high.

  • Low resolution makes it easy for people to make quick tweaks and position changes

  • “360 x 640” is easy to stretch nicely.

On top of that.

  • On devices that allow margins, fill the margins with wallpaper

  • On devices with margins, center the left and right directions and move the top and bottom directions to the bottom for easy finger access.

I will try to implement the standard components for both iOS and Android.

  • View, Button, Label, etc.

I will try to implement it in a leisurely manner.
Thank you.