Is there a possibility that build slows down because of content pipeline?


I have recently run into a problem that irritates me very much, because I have to wait for about 1-2 minutes to start debugging. I have been adding content to my game through the Content.mgcb, and I wonder if this is not somehow the problem that slows down the debugging, or it is because of something on VS 2013?

My content is about 8 MB, and on previous game it was 22 MB, but I have not added content like I did on this game (through Content.mgcb).


If it doesn’t have to build content, it might add a second or two to launch time. We have a large project with about 400MB of content and no real increase in launch time from Visual Studio.

If an assembly used in the content build pipeline changes, then it will have to rebuild content. Do you see it building content in the Build Output window?

Nope. It just skips the building process for content. It just gets stuck for about 1-2 minutes at this stange only:
1>------ Build started: Project: Game11, Configuration: Debug x86 ------