Is there a "Universal MonoGame Mobile application" for Xamarin Studio Windows

I see a “Universal MonoGame Mobile application” option when creating a new solution on iOS, but I don’t see this option on PC. I realize that to build/run iOS I must either be on a mac or on Visual Studio with a Xamarin business license, but for developers like myself who use both Windows and OSX, it seems weird that I have to go specifically to Mac to create a universal app, then I can continue my development on PC.

Is there any reason for this? Is it possible to have the same Universal Mobile Application option on Windows for Xamarin Studio?

It’s probably just that no-one has created a template for it yet. There are many target platforms, three dev platforms and two dev environments, and there is no core developer that covers all of these combinations. If you are willing to make a template, you could do that and submit it via GitHub. One of us core developers will get around to it, but it may take longer.