Is there an alternative for Visual Studio?

Is there an alternative IDE for working with MonoGame on Windows?
Perhaps a lighter, open-sourced one?

Thank you (:

To answer your question… not really…

Visual Studio and NetBeans (Java) are probably the premier development environments available today. The Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition is entirely free and has near the capabilities of Professional Visual Studio,

However, you could try JetBrains Rider IDE for .NET at JetBrains Rider Link

This is a commercial package, which will not have the MonoGame templates available for you to initiate projects with, though…

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“Java” and “premier” in the same sentence is just so wrong. :slight_smile:

With Visual Studio 2017, it can be as slim as you want now. You can just install C# support and nothing else and it is quite small. I’m not sure why anything else would be used, but there are other options.

MonoDevelop might fit your desires. It’s similar to but not quite VS.

I have never used Rider or even seen it in action, but I know a couple of people here do use it, particularly on Linux.


Is there something you do not like about Java and the NetBeans IDE?

I myself have never been a proponent of Java due to its excessive complexities but for enterprise level applications it has done a fairly good job of it…

For me, mainly because glassfish needed 12GB or ram where sql server needed only 5 to do the same.
And many disappointments with java but i dont want to troll

The last time I used Visual Studio, I thought it was too heavy (I have a simple notebook), but I probably installed everything available, since I didn’t know much of what I was doing. So I’ll just get the C# support, as you suggested, and see if it’s smooth.
And if it’s still weird when running, I’ll look for MonoDevelop, as you also mentioned.

Thank you all for your answers and feel free to discuss Java here :stuck_out_tongue:

That was KonajuGames who mentioned MonoDevelop… :slight_smile:

Not the NetBeans IDE itself, since I have never used it, but I suffered through using Eclipse and Android Studio (derived from IntelliJ). And also suffered through issues at previous jobs caused by Java on large systems, such as Atlassian services. I always enjoy watching the JDK installer (unfortunately required to build Android apps) and it proudly states “Used on 3 Billion devices worldwide” and I think “That’s 3 Billion vulnerable devices from all the security flaws Java has experienced.”

Not that I’m biased. It’s not like we’re focused on C# here or anything. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had to do projects in Java using NetBeans and Eclipse (because of specific software that only worked in those IDEs) in uni and those were not nice experiences. Especially JEE was horrible. IMO IntelliJ IDEA is an awesome alternative and with Java 8 it’s pretty nice to code.

Anyway, regarding C# there’s also Visual Code with C# plugin or another text editor that can use OmniSharp. JetBrains Rider is probably the most fully features alternative if you can get a student or oss license or are willing to spend the money.

I use vs code as a replacement for notepad++ now, and i noticed even whe’ closed, it leaves 2 sometimes more code.exe processes taking 25% of the cpu each. I may go back for notepad++ for lightweight edition of json or txt files…