Is there an ETA for MonoGame 3.5?

Seen a few bug fixes in the changelogs of dev versions which would be really useful.
Was wondering if there was an ETA for a stable release or not.

Thanks for reading.

Since v3.4 was released so recently, I’d imagine it could be a while off yet. I recommend working off the source code and the latest develop branch. Although you run the risk of running into bugs, you’ll get the latest fixes and features and also be able to help the community by testing (and potentially fixing) anything that crops up.

We are aiming to do monthly releases (or close to monthly). Tom is the release master, and he is currently quite busy in his day job, so it may stretch a little bit beyond a month between releases for this one.

Thanks, you’ve both been super helpful.

MonoGame has a great community!

Hi there:)

I was super excited about creating game with Monogame, until I encountered few problems - macos installer doesn’t work, UAP doesn’t work with VS 2015 RTM etc.
You’re doing great work and I was wondering when can we expect 3.5 version with everything fixed?

Any news on when 3.5 will be released? There are a lot of fixes and commits since 3.4 … any plans on a release in the near future?

As a side note, MonoGame 3.4 has issues with iOS and is crashing on 9.2 apparently due to changes in the audio framework.

an update would be really fine :slight_smile:

Working on it… just have one or two more PRs to merge.

The bigger concern is making sure things are stable, so any feedback on the develop release is helpful.

One question, so we can plan ahead little bit… will 3.5 bring any news regarding XACT implementation? (Not being pushy and I completely understand if not, just checking).

What specific news are you looking for?

IMO XAct was a technology before its time… years before tools like Fmod ( ) which has become almost a standard across games. People didn’t really understand the power of it at the time and it got canned too early. I would like to see the standard continue with MonoGame, but we have a lot of work to do.

The XAct implementation works for most simple cases, but we still have incompatibilities with more complex XAct features. That won’t really be fixed until we develop a way to unit test XAct features as it is a very complex and interconnected system.

We are still looking for someone to jump in and help with adding XAct support to the pipeline:

Implement XactImporter and XactProcessor · Issue #2661 · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub

It is a fairly big project but one that would be worth the effort.

I am not handling audio engineering for our project thus I am unable to provide specific details. But to sum it up we need some advanced features when handling dynamic sfx and music in our game.

FNA has a pretty solid XACT implementation from what I can tell. Perhaps a little sharing in the other direction would be a good plan considering FNA started as an MG fork.

It has holes as well.

What we really need more than anything is a reliable way to do regression tests on XAct content. So that we can fix more bad cases and know we didn’t break anything else in the process.

I just don’t know how best to achieve that.

Hey! Any news on when 3.5 nuget will be available?