Is there any way to install Monogame on a school computer?

Hello! My name is Srayan Jana and I am a freshman in high school taking VS.NET.
I am really interested in video games and for my final project want to create a video game in the vein of zelda.
The problem is is that I don’t have any access to nuget because I am using Visual Studio 2010. I can’t use github because I don’t have git on my computer. I can’t install anything(with a EXE) because I would get in trouble and people would think I was trying to hack the school computers. And I can access the command line because apparently you can hack the internet with the command line so the school restricted access to the command line. Help?
P.S. My teacher is totally OK with this and has given me permission to do this - as long a i don’t horribly destroy the computers

you can down the source and reference that in Your project. Or download it at home and get a copy of the dlls and refrence them in your project.

you can also head over to the MonoGame build machine and download the dlls and just reference them directly.