Is there somewhere we can see which version(s) of Monogame is for which Visual Studio

I am trying to get familiar with Monogame and want to establish the correct setup for specific versions of Visual Studio so I can follow some of the tutorials on YouTube which have used older versions of VS.

Where can I find out which version(s) of Monogame are for which Visual Studio?

MonoGame/ at develop · MonoGame/MonoGame (

Thanks that tells me what is contained in each version but I cannot see a list of versions versus Studio.
I am looking for something like this:
Studio MonoGame
Version Version
2013 3.0-3.4
2015 ?-?
2022 ?-3.8.1

It is on the list.

I am sorry but I cannot find any mention of Visual Studio Versions in the list at
MonoGame/ at develop · MonoGame/MonoGame (
Am I looking in the wrong place?

We only actively support 3.8.1, which suggests the use of .NET 6, which in turn requires Visual Studio 2022. You can refer to the getting started documentation.

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