is Xamarin free now?

I wanted to port my game to android and saw that Xamarin studio is included in Visual Studio 2017.
But everytime I try to run an empty android project the Emulator keeps telling me that the game has stopped.

Since Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft, they’ve offered a free version packaged with Visual Studio 2017. Are you just trying an empty template? I’m not super familiar with using the emulator, but I want to say there are two common versions, a Google emulator and a Microsoft emulator. I believe that depending on your Windows setup, you should use the Google emulator if you don’t have Hyper-V, or the Microsoft one if you have Hyper-V enabled. That’s the most common issue I’ve heard of with basic Android emulator usage.

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I just tried to deploy the empty project on my old Android Phone, it’s working fine.

Must be problems with the emulator.