Issue when rendering Milkshape model once ported from XNA

I have a problem displaying a Milkshape model after I ported my game from XNA to Monogame (WP8.1). Have in mind, this model is loaded “externally” without using Content - hence it is not an “xnb” file, but original “ms3d” file. I don’t think that it has something to do with my custom effects file, as it looks messed up under all available effects.

For actual rendering of Milkshape model, I’m using a library from

I’m reading the model in Monogame by passing a Stream (using OpenStreamForReadAsync()) in the library’s method instead of using File.Open(FileName, FileMode.Open) function.

Screen from Monogame WP8.1:
Screen from XNA: http ://

The background on Monogame was just removed for tests, it’s not an issue. To eliminate possible other sources of issues, I tried to render only this single model - but it looks still wrong:

Excuse me for editing links, but it seems that there is a limit for new users and I wanted to show what are the issues in my project.