Issue With XML in Monogame

I’m very new to using XML and I ran into an issue that I couldn’t get past, hopefully one of you will have a much better understanding than I do! The tutorial I watched didn’t run into the same issue, so I’ve attached a screenshot of the Image. Thanks Guys.

Cant say much from image, but Type1 isnt initialized so you missed something before calling Load().

Thanks for replying, would you have any idea on how to initialize and object such as Type?

Share link to tutorial?

This is the tutorial episode when he makes the Class with the problem,
Thanks for helping

Checked quicky, seems that Type is initialized at 6:40 point which
seems to be other class’ this.GetType();
What it does, I have no idea.
You can test, set Type1 to this.GetType();

Its trying to serialise something that’s null. Either the object you are serializable or something in it is null.

Thanks, I changed a few things there, I think it’s working now