Issues building fbx files in MGCB


I’ve noticed I have issues building some fbx files in MGCB. Many of them build fine, but every now and then I’ll get an error where it looks like it’s referencing a specific file path (usually for a texture) inside the fbx itself. This file path typically looks like it is a path specific to the maker’s PC.

For example, this barrel model I’m trying to build, MGCB fails and reports error: “The source file ‘J:/Unreal_Backup/Pack/West/Barn/Fbs_substance/T_Barrel.png’ does not exist!”

That is not a path on my PC. I assume when the file was built, this path was somehow embedded in the file. I’ve tried hand-editing these to remove the path, but doing so seems to invalidate the file and then it gives me a different error.

Is there any way to deal with this, like some setting I could change in MGCB? I don’t need the texture to be embedded, I have it, and I’ll just draw it on the model using a shader.


Update: I did not find a way to fix this in MGCB editor, but I was able to use Autodesk FBX Converter to fix this. It’s still a free download, and the 2013 version seems to work. I exported the FBX as ASCII, removed the references to the png file, then exported it again to binary. Works great.


A mesh can have textures “baked” in. If they are baked to a specific path you will get issues, always make sure they are relative and the pipeline should pick them up and build them along with the mesh.

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