Issues with controllers not showing up

So, I have two controllers hooked into my computer. One is a fight stick that I’m not concerned about, GUID 38073888000000000000504944564944, the other is a PS4 controller, GUID 4c05cc09000000000000504944564944. The PS4 controller won’t show up in Monogame and always shows IsConnected for all 4 controllers as false. I tested with SDL2 Gamepad Tool, and it works there. Both controllers have been tested and working in other programs on the same computer in the same setup. I also checked the controller DB and the PS4 controller was in there. I’m not sure how to proceed with debugging this, but I’m left without a way to test controller support on my game, which is a huge problem. Any tips on how to proceed?

EDIT: I looked around some more, and saw this post: ps4 dualshock4 controllers on PC I’m having the same problem as this, and I’m also in a DesktopGL project. Also to confirm, I’m on Windows 7.

This might just be the GamePad DB not being
up to date. If not this needs some more looking into.

I did some more testing and the PS4 controller doesn’t even show up in the SCP server, as strange as that is. I installed my PS3 controller under SCP and that works in monogame, but the whole thing is super strange. Everything I’ve tried except monogame recognizes the PS4 controller, but there’s a problem and ???.. Well, I have something working now, and I’m willing to provide any more information I can if indeed there’s something that can be done on monogame’s end.