Issues with Texture Importer (MSB3073)

Hi, I’m brand new to monogame and I’m having issues loading images into my project. The images are added to the project fine and get though the pipeline tool as well but when I try to run the code I keep getting the error: MSB3073.

I have read multiple posts on the forums which usually say that this issue come from having a space in your username but as you can see I don’t have a space in my username so that cant be the problem.

I have tried quoting the $(MGCBPath) property in MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task.targets as someone suggested on another thread but that didn’t help either.

I don’t know if this is related but I did also have to install a few C++ re-distribution files to fix a problem i was having with my pc not being able to find Freeimage.dll when using the MGCB-editor as well as downloading freeimage.dll separately and adding it to SysWOW64.

I am running VS2019. I have tried installing VS2017 and using monogame there but I have even more issues then and this one with VS2019 seems easier to fix.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.