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I installed monogame 3.6 and VS2017 and when I try to make a “Monogame Windows Project” the code loads as in I can Build and Run it perfectly fine, but i cant actually SEE the code. I create a new project and nothing shows up, but I can still Build/Run it and get that blue screen i’m supposed to. Any help would be appreciated. I’m also V E R Y new so excuse something that would probably be common knowledge

Is it possible the code is there but you just have to open it with the Solution Explorer? In VS2017, the Solution Explorer is usually a pane on the right that you can mouseover or click to expand. From there you can click a file to preview or double click to open. If you don’t see the tab for Solution Explorer, try checking under the View menu.

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If you are referring to being able to see your code in terms of the debugger, with which you can step through each line of your source code, than you need to ensure that the build type for your application is “debug”.

If what you are referring to is the “Solution Explorer” as jnoyola commented on, it may be hiding as a tab like the “Properties” option…